EasyWholesale was designed and created by Snipesoft Limited; a Wellington-based software company, situated on Courtney Place in the heart of siliconwelly. Snipesoft Ltd specialises in automated e-commerce solutions for the New Zealand online marketplace. Most of our staff at Snipesoft began in New Zealand based e-commerce companies and saw many solutions for companies requiring integrated and powerful multichannel e-commerce solutions in the international market but which were lacking in New Zealand, and so Snipesoft was formed.

Snipesoft is at the forefront of multi-channel marketplace and online auction integration. Our company aims to not only provide the best possible solutions to e-commerce but to meet a growing demand for online marketplace and online auction products and services specifically for the New Zealand market. Our premium listing tool for large businesses- OMINS- has helped many kiwi businesses grow and succeed; we also offer that opportunity to smaller online sellers with our free EasyLister programme. Our new project EasyWholesale combines the need

We are a full time, professional development team with extensive knowledge and experience in New Zealand e-commerce. In order to provide you with the best services possible, we employ a professional development team and support staff; and are partnered with an independent web designer and a server management and monitoring company