** Easywholesale is currently only being made available to a limited number selected users
(who can meet our minimum online selling criteria)
** We are also offering those serious sellers who qualify, our Expert (and FREE!) Training
(Read Below).
Learn How To Sell Online More Efficiently & Profitably
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Within 2 months, and  following our Proven, and Free step-by-step trading-training process,,
Our average EasyWholesale sellers are making a net profit of $200-$500/wk
(processing 100-200 orders to the value of $2-$3K/wk, and working an approx 10-20 hours/wk).

So if YOU are:

1. Serious about building a solid online business FAST –

2. and if you would like to take advantage of our FREE Step-by-Step TRAINING,
3. and you can meet our Minimum Online Selling criteria:
at least 20 Feedback on Trademe,
– and possess the necessary persistence to grow your own online business
– and are able to commit to up to 20hrs/wk (ie 1-3hrs/day) to doing so
then Please Register your Interest with us (Below).
When you commit to following the invaluable trading rules that we will teach you, you will be able to:
# Build valuable feedback on Trademe & sella, gain ‘Top Seller’ status in minimum time.
& get a 15% refund on your Trademe fees!
# Know how to achieve the best profit margin/sales volume ratio
# and Know how to track your listing performance and results
#and many other key trading tips …etc…
We will also show you how to further Increase your profits( and Decrease your workload) including:
# How to Integrate the whole product sourcing/sales/promotion and distribution of your products
# How to take advantage of powerful automation software for your product listings – for FREE!
The more you LEARN, the more you will SELL,
and the more we will teach you MORE ADVANCED TRADING STRATEGIES
# AND how to qualify for a FREE fully integrated webstore of your own, etc…!
So if you think you can meet our criteria
to grow your own solid online business (with our expert help)
and we’ll email you an Application form with all the details!

Please use the form below or contact us directly at support@snipesoft.net.nz